4 ways to increase classroom engagement

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March 16, 2022

The COVID pandemic has tested everyone, and few were more tested than teachers. Many educators adjusted to entirely new teaching requirements during the pandemic, while districts rushed to supply tools and technologies to address the need for remote and hybrid learning environments. Now, as we are making our way into the second half of a new school year, still more unknowns await. Educators are tasked with the challenge of building a sense of belonging while boosting learning gains, no matter where their classroom turns out to be.

One advantage educators have in 2021 and 2022 is that the tools purchased to address teaching during COVID-19 remain on-hand and relevant for the upcoming school year. From laptops and tablets to headsets and digital styluses, new tech options open up possibilities that allow all students, regardless of location, age or learning style, to thrive.

As educators, it’s important we harness the power of these essential tools to boost classroom engagement and productivity. Even simple adjustments can yield a big impact on a child’s learning experience and help students focus on their work, encourage collaboration, and ensure engaging educational experiences are always within reach.

Read on for four ways to boost learning and reconnect with students in your classroom this year:

1. Embrace technology for dynamic learning

Schools jumped into action last year to get laptops and tablets into the hands of every student so they could continue to learn from home. As a result, teachers gained tech skills during the pandemic, with nearly half of teachers saying their ability to use technology had “improved a lot” during the 2020-21 school year, according to a survey of 386 teachers by the EdWeek Research Center. With that knowledge and those resources now available to supplement learning taking place in the classroom, teachers can consider integrating new activities, like making digital art or creating podcasts into their lesson plans.