Another for profit system goes non profit, are we seeing a new trend?

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January 21, 2011

Remington college has joined Keiser in the ranks of for profit college systems that has made the decision to convert into non profit systems.  A smart move to potential avoid the one sided rules the govt. has been creating.  Maybe the govt. will see how ridiculous the bias of their thinking is when what is good for the goose should be good for the gander… Chronicle article: Keiser University isn’t the only for-profit college that is going nonprofit. So is Remington College, another Florida-based institution that caters to working adults seeking career-focused degrees. Remington’s conversion took effect earlier this month. And at time when the for-profit-college industry is facing increased scrutiny from federal and state governments and the public, the 26-year-old college of about 8,700 students is already visibly celebrating the change with the prominent use of the slogan “non-profit, non-traditional” in its logo and throughout its Web site. full article available: has an article on Remington and Keiser.]]>