Case study "all out WAR" in Media Coverage of For-Profit Higher Education

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July 29, 2011

for profit education media war You should check out the new study by Sage that goes into detail about the all out war in media coverage against the for profit education industry.  Utilizing various methods of analysis the study shows that clearly there was a tipping point in the negative media coverage relating to the for-profit education sector starting in May 2010.  Some again wonder who was behind this media push (short sellers or democrats seeking headline media attention), others simply shake their heads at the jadedness of many of the media outlets, and how news once known as unbiased coverage is now political rhetoric.  Which ever way you fall on this it’s clear that the media is hush hush about all of the positives while they stand on their soap box to scream about anything negative regardless of the accuracy.  It’s also clear how politics of the democratic party and self interest driven media sound bites clearly have played a role.   Just another reason the average American is being further disenfranchised with the political system and it’s win at all costs mentality, rather than working to improve the lives of Americans, they all too much focus on what ever helps them gain headlines, soundbites and re-election. Linke to the study:]]>