Education Growth Summit: Finalists in the "EdGrowth Entrepreneur Open"

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October 23, 2012

Attend the Education Growth Summit: A Reality Check For the fourth year Education Growth Advisors will host the EdGrowth Summit, formerly known as the Venture Capital in Education Summit. Join a diverse group of entrepreneurs, investors, company and foundation executives and institutional leaders November 1 and 2 in NYC. Every year the event fosters a provocative set of conversations about driving and enabling the sector’s (r)evolution and with this year’s theme “Education:  A Reality Check”,  our hope is to have a realistic, practical view of all of the change and opportunity taking place across the K–20 landscape right now. NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – Oct 18, 2012) – The Education Growth Summit 2012 (EdGrowth Summit) today announced the selection of 14 early-stage companies selected as finalists in the “EdGrowth Entrepreneur Open” competition. The selected companies offer innovative solutions for enhancing learning; improving the operational performance of education institutions; and facilitating workforce development and individuals’ employability. Each company will present their solutions to Summit attendees, which will include entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and private equity investors, company and foundation executives, and institutional leaders as they vie for a chance to win the grand prize of intensive mentoring and guidance from professionals in the field. “The companies selected for the Entrepreneur Open represent a microcosm of the innovation and dynamism taking root across the education sector. The finalists’ solutions run the full gamut of a learner’s lifecycle and are exploring both institutional and consumer-oriented channels,” said Adam Newman, Managing Partner at Education Growth Advisors, host organization of the EdGrowth Summit along with Education Growth Partners. “Every year the depth and quality of candidates expands. We’re thrilled to be hosting these finalists at this year’s Summit, as well as dozens of other up-and-coming entrepreneurs and companies seeking to support and enhance opportunities for learners, teachers, and institutions.” The 14 finalists are:

  • BrightBytes
  • CareerMotivations
  • College Portfolio
  • Conceptua Math
  • Edshelf
  • Educurious
  • Gather Education
  • Houlton
  • InstaGrok
  • LearningGames Studio, Inc.
  • myEDGPS
  • Mytonomy
  • RecoVend
  • Silverback Learning
Further details about the companies participating in the EdGrowth Entrepreneur Open can be found at the EdGrowth Summit website. Finalists for the Entrepreneur Open were selected through an open application process judged by representatives of the Summit’s hosts, partners, and sponsors. Summit attendees will determine the ultimate winner during a crowd-funding-style investment competition during the first evening of the two-day Summit. The winner of the Entrepreneur Open will receive a tailored package of custom services from premier providers of marketing, legal and consulting services, as well as meetings with relevant investors and corporate development executives. “We founded the Summit four years ago to provide investors the chance to meet early-stage companies as a means of promoting industry growth. These types of connections drive the needed development of sustainable solutions in the global education marketplace. In a sector like education where market and mission converge, it’s important to take the long view; the finalists selected this year are doing just that,” said Chris Curran, Managing Partner at Education Growth Advisors. The EdGrowth Summit will be held at the IAC HQ in New York City on November 1 and 2. This year’s overarching theme, “A Reality Check,” will drive exploration of the complexities of investing and innovating in an industry in which market and mission converge and examine the risks and opportunity across the global education marketplace. In addition to the insightful panels and discussions that are a hallmark of the Summit, this year’s event will include remarks from featured speaker Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education. Sponsors of the Education Growth Summit 2012 include Cengage Learning, ECMC Group, and EducationWeek. For more information about the event, visit If you’d like more information about the Summit, you’ll find it at the conference website]]>