Flood of articles questioning the value of a college education

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September 10, 2012

does a college degree make sense Is it just our staff or is everyone seeing a continuous release of articles disputing the value of a college education?  The flow of articles appearing daily and on all of the major newspapers & news outlets seems to be endless.  Yes, while many of them are quoting valid (yet limited & specifically narrow) statistics, others leverage specifically alarming metrics and most try to relate the student loan market to the mortgage market, as a parent do you really question if your children should get a college degree?  While clearly as a country we are in a position of relatively high unemployment & under employment, do you really believe we should be spreading the message to our future generations that getting a college education does not pay? While most agree that tuition costs have grown way to high way to fast, why don’t we focus our angst and collective strength to force changes to tuition in order to make it more affordable, instead of questioning getting a degree?  Why don’t we push for the removal of 90/10 so that leaders in our industry can provide cost effective college education?   Below is a link to another article questioning the value of obtaining a college degree.  If you read between the lines however, they are indicating an opportunity our industry can run with…  see if you can find it!  

Is College a Lousy Investment?

 Mythomania about college has turned getting a degree into an American neurosis. It’s sending parents to the poorhouse and saddling students with a backpack full of debt that doesn’t even guarantee a good job in the end. With college debt making national headlines, Megan McArdle asks, is college a bum deal?
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