Gainful employment, what it can mean to forprofit schools

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March 4, 2010

During long winded negotiated rulemaking for Higher Education, the US DOE proposed defining gainful employment by establishing a 8% debt to income threshold (debt to income is also commonly used for mortgage limits) based on median student debt for recent college graduates with income based either on Bureau of Labor Statistics 25th percentile wage data or actual college graduate earnings. Loan payments would be based on the standard repayment plan (10 years) for the unsubsidized Stafford loan program. For programs that failed to satisfy this standard, the US Department of Education proposed an alternative that requires a loan repayment rate for recent college graduates of 90%. The loan repayment rate measures the percentage of borrowers actively repaying their loans/ and not defaulting. It is a dual to the default rate, but also includes borrowers who are delinquent, in an economic hardship deferment or in forbearance along with borrowers who are in default. Mark Kantrowitz has written a piece that’s worthwhile reading.  Click the link below to view Marks piece:]]>