How our school is reimagining math education

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May 4, 2022

At Scott Elementary School, our approach to education is defined as GAIN (Growth in Academics through Innovation and Neuroeducation), which includes multiple initiatives to ensure each student reaches their maximum potential. Our focus is to inspire a love for learning and prepare students to be successful throughout every stage of their lives.

Indiana is one of that states that has not adopted Common Core State Standards. Similar to the Common Core standards in other states, we focus on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that students need to be successful. Our view is that the real power to learn rests with the learner. My role is to seek out ways to engage this power within each child to optimize their opportunities in life.

My corporation strives to educate the whole child by integrating academics with social and emotional learning. We inspire students’ desire to learn by making them feel important, leading by example, praising their successes, and developing their confidence.

Ma and Kishor (1997) found evidence of the impact of attitude to mathematics on attainment. They found that attitudes, beliefs, and emotions are the major influencers.

This evidence has allowed us to gain important insight into how students can learn effectively and equitably. I align student learning with the Kagan method, which is designed to promote cooperation and communication in the classroom, boost students’ confidence, and retain their interest in classroom interaction. When social and emotional learning and the Kagan method are applied in a classroom, students enjoy math more and constantly aspire to learn.

Making math fun…and effective

I’m always looking for innovative, effective, and research-based educational resources to engage students and support our math curriculum.

One of my favorite online resources is SplashLearn. It is a math resource that is free of charge and provides a wide range of fun, learning activities. This resource segments each aspect of mathematical learning by skill and standard making it ideal to supplement and consolidate what students are learning in class.