In Sourcing vs. Outsourcing

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April 8, 2009


  • Leveraging a firm who is experienced, and leveraging their power with the vendors for pricing & placement.
  • Leveraging the firms experience and knowledge of the broader vendor universe with regards to conversion rates, volume, sourcing & price.
  • Leveraging the firms knowledgebase of conversion rates from other schools with similar vendors to determine how competitive you are with your leads. Leveraging multiple schools analytics vs. your own.
  • Limit internal headcount based on outsourced components.
  • Better chance of identifying lead fraud.
  • Utilizing the firm as a means of stability, reduces risk due to internal turnover issues.
  • Capitalizing on owning the market intelligence of sourcing, conversions & pricing
  • No paying a mark-up on lead spend/agency fees
  • Stronger direct relationships with lead sources
  • Complete control of marketing…good & bad
  • Owning of own marketing analytics
There are more for both, and if you have some feel free to share and we will add them.  I think it also comes down to size of school/system as well as growth objectives.  Often smaller schools tend to be to small to outsource while many of the largest reach a point where it becomes too costly.  The good news is that technology has been advancing and there are more options today than in years past. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information or for us to help you determine which choice is better for you based on your near & long term goals.]]>