Interesting 09' EDU poll results being completely ignored by those who commissioned it.

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September 20, 2010

Are we effective? You might ask one of our recent presidents such as Barney Frank, John Lewis, Jim McDermott, or Charles Rangel; they certainly think so.  The great liberal lion, Senator Edward Kennedy, credited us as the group behind passage of the latest increase in America’s minimum wage.  Interesting that while their own poll resultsshowed overwhelming support for the for profit edu industry,  we all saw Barney Frank lead a one sided bash of the for for profits during his Senate testimony View the poll reults for yourself here:  Here are some of the findings:

  • The public does not buy arguments that for-profit colleges and universities exploit their students. Instead, they believe these institutions play a powerful role in making a college education more accessible to non-traditional and underserved students.
  • Americans Want to Expand, NOT Restrict the Growth of For-Profit Colleges and Universities While some in Washington move to restrict the number of students for-profit institutions of higher learning can serve, Americans disagree.
  • Voters support allowing for-profit colleges and universities to expand their reach and serve more students. They soundly reject the notion that these schools should be stopped and that their growth should be hindered, and many are willing to make it a voting issue.
Clearly the democrats don’t want to make it a voting issues as they they know they will loose, instead they want to change what ever they can without public approval… what ever happened to government of the people for the people… Republican however have tried to stop the democratic blitz on the for profit education industry and have agreed with the people, and the surveys overall result: In sum, Americans realize, now more than ever, the need to allow for-profit colleges and universities to expand the number of students they can serve. These students need more flexibility and deserve every opportunity that others receive to earn their college degree and reach the American Dream, especially as President Obama calls on more and more Americans to earn their degree and make America the leader in higher education. Americans do not buy the attacks that for-profit colleges and universities cost too much and should not make a profit, provide a lower quality of education, or exploit their students. Those who stand in the way or seek to restrict this growth misread the public and risk their own standing with voters.]]>