Only 30% of schools see lead scoring as valuable or a must

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April 11, 2011

value of lead scoringOver the last few years there have been tremendous amount of conversations over the need for and value of lead scoring.  While companies such as targus have secured  nice subscription based revenue models by charging for lead scoring service many don’t find them as necessary.  In the beginning vendors dismissed the value and accuracy of lead scoring as clearly they dented the “valid lead” pile.  Arguments ensued as to how you can say the lead is not valid when the data is accurate and the person initiated the action of requesting info from the schools.  Others claimed it was the equivalent of profiling and thus prevented equal access. With the gainful employment regulations pending many more schools looked into it as they felt compelled to target a higher level (financially) demographic for fear the other could not afford an education.  Once again leave it to the Govt. to create rules that negatively effect those who need it the most… but I digress…   The results of the 2011 EDU survey showed that only 8.3%  considered lead scoring extremely valuable and 22.6% found it valuable.  Which means 70% don’t see much value or importance in it, especially for 2011.  While I am sure that targus folk will differ and many may be in arms regarding this post, we are simply reporting what the schools and industry responded in the 2011 EDU advertising and marketing survey!  ]]>