Schools & lead generators getting increasingly nervous about government action

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March 25, 2010

  • That lead generators don’t contact/interact with the student prospects
  • The the entire process is driven by the prospective student choosing and requesting
  • That non-profits buy data on people who aren’t aware and the directly market them
  • That the vendors are not in any way involved in the enrollment process
  • That the education directories provide a valuable free service for prospective students
  • That the lead generators have created much more outreach promoting education
  • Schools seem to think that if lead gen CPL has to either go away or change that CPC cost per click will remain…that doesn’t make any sense to me as ultimately the value of a click can be identified by conversions just as the value of a lead.  However, many mention that Google CPC is different as they set the price.  Other schools feel that placement fees/clotting fee will become the new normal.  What do you think?]]>