Schools still not satisfied with transparency in lead generation!

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May 3, 2012

lead generation transparency According to the results from the 2012 Education Advertising and Marketing survey, the majority of schools are still not happy with the level of transparency in their lead generation efforts.  For years now schools have been seeking additional transparency from their lead providers.  Now add in the additional scrutiny, compliance concerns & potential penalties that the regulations bring with them and you have a stronger push for transparency.  The issue is one of managing increased tensions between lead aggregators and schools.  Many lead aggregators simply refuse to identify all source for their leads, reasons like it’s a competitive advantage, fear of losing affiliates, circumvention, inability to determine true source of the data etc.   Schools want to insure compliance in advertising, they want to make sure their brands & programs are represented correctly and want to avoid common tricks & tactics like incentives, co-registrations, call centers, up-selling, second & third chance leads, bogus scholarships etc.  While clearly there are good players and bad players, what many have in common is a general unwillingness or inability to be completely transparent of all of their lead sources. What are schools to do?  Some have started to utilize compliance monitoring solutions, some have pulled back their lead buying and are seeking to generate more via their own efforts, others utilize proven  lead & vendor management solution providers and “trusted form options”  For information on any of those please click contact us It’s important to know the finer details about the many lead providers in the Education market, we have helped 70+ schools better prepare themselves with knowledge and understanding to enable them to more clearly navigate these murky waters.  Some quality lead providers can be trusted and are a must, others need to be whittled down in order to skim the cream from the top, and still others need to be avoided all together.  Ask around, network with your peers, share the good & the bad with each other, all will benefit! If you have any questions please click contact us]]>