State of the Union to plead for more spending in Education…

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January 24, 2011

State of the UnionDid you hear about all of the build up relating to the State of the Union address?  Specifically regarding additional spending necessary in education to help us all build a better future.  I think we can agree that education is of utmost importance for solidifying our future, provided it’s unbiased spending… And not just more of the same reckless spending to continue to build those ivory towers, gyms and stadiums.  Lets invest in the people who need education allowing them ability to access it, not in the old world institutions so that they can raise their tuition’s from $55,000 per year to $ 60,000… It’s funny (sad kind of funny) that the very political party who is preaching the value of education and the countries need to invest in it, are also the ones making politically motivated, shortsighted, ill thought out and biased changes which will  be a crushing blow to it… So what are the saying, that everyone needs to pay more taxes so that people can pay more than they should have to in order to attend only certain colleges, only the ones they choose? Sounds reasonable… Oh, and those colleges who are willing to reduce their tuition’s to help affordability and reduce dept, but because their tuition is less expensive and thus costs less then available government funding programs will fall out of compliance??? Call me crazy, but this just reiterates that the phrase government intelligence is an oxymoron!!!]]>