The path to success is paved with durable skills

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July 12, 2022

Workforce needs are ever-changing, and in order to keep pace, today’s students should develop–as early as possible–the durable skills necessary for technological and interpersonal success.

Durable skills include skills like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, along with leadership, mindfulness, the ability to fail, and a growth mindset. And it doesn’t matter which career path a student takes–durable skills will be necessary for success on that path.

In a report, America Succeeds partnered with Emsi Burning Glass to look at 82 million job postings from 2019 and 2020 and identify how large the demand is for job applicants with these skills.

That report breaks 100 of the most in-demand durable skills into 10 major competencies:
1. Leadership: Directing efforts and delivering results
2. Character: Personal and professional conduct
3. Collaboration: Teamwork and connection
4. Communication: Information exchange and management
5. Creativity: New ideas and novel solutions
6. Critical Thinking: Informed ideas and effective solutions
7. Metacognition: Self-understanding and personal management
8. Mindfulness: Interpersonal and self-awareness
9. Growth Mindset: Improvement and aspiration
10. Fortitude: Constitution and inspiration