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June 28, 2011

transparency in lead generationWith all that’s going on with regards to compliance and schools taking more and more time to be selective in who they work with, will aggregators eventually give in to transparency?  This topic is one of many heated discussions.  I have been to multiple edu marketing  panels with the who’s who of the major edu aggregators and it seems to be split.  Some of them say that if forced to they will come around and identify all of their sources, others however refuse to and say they will never disclose every source for their leads.  They believe their lead quality speaks for itself and don’t believe transparency is necessary.   Well these firmare very protective of their sources and they do not want to be open for cannibalization, but if there is some type of vendor protection why can’t there be complete transparency.  Some believe its because of the use of call center generated leads which continue to be tossed into the pile of Internet generated leads for many of the lead providers both at the top and bottom of the food chain.  I think schools have the right to know where the leads are comming from PROVIDED they protect the lead sources from their vendors, non-circumvention, non-disclosure etc should help provide this protection.  Many of the most astute schools will agree to this in order to get the transparency they want.  What do you think?]]>